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Don’t Ask for Vinegar: Ask for Sarsons


Sarsons vinegar isn’t so much recognised by its subtle taste as much as the bottle it comes in.  Vinegar is vinegar, you might think, and it’s true to say that many vinegars taste pretty much like any other.  But Sarsons vinegar actually does have a superior flavour to many competing brands, as well as leaving a subtle but very pleasant aftertaste on the tongue compared to the bitter taste left by many of its counterparts.


So taste is one thing by which Sarsons is well renowned; its bottle is another.  Well, everyone who likes vinegar loves the Sarsons bottle, I’m sure you’ll agree, and its iconic shape makes it easy to spot among other brands on the supermarket shelves.


But even the boffins at Sarsons worried that their bottled vinegar sometimes pours unevenly and can lead to soggy chips and sloppy salads, hence Sarsons decision to create a vinegar that could be sprayed onto food and distributed more evenly on the plate.  But how to ensure the new product stands out on the supermarket shelves in the same way as their older brand? 


Designers did it by using a pretty much identical bottle for the vinegar itself, then fitting a pump that attaches to the lid used on the original version.  To that they added a transparent dome, a bit like those used to cover ornaments in Victorian times.  Now their new sprayable vinegar is instantly recognisable alongside alongside the pouring version on supermarket shelves.


An Apple and a Spoonful of Vinegar a Day Keep the Doctor Away


‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’; how often have you heard that said and wondered if the statement is true or just an old wives' tale? Well, true it possibly might be because the promised health benefits of a daily apple have just been reinforced by scientific research by British doctors who believe many ailments associated with ageing might be delayed and possibly prevented by taking the daily apple treatment.  


Vinegar too has been associated with treating and sometimes preventing many age-related ailments, hence the reason some nutritionists believe apple and vinegar used in tandem is much more beneficial than apple only in the daily diet, especially for people in middle age or older.


So that’s why so many people, medically qualified and otherwise, recommend a daily drink of apple cider vinegar mixed in equal measure with warm to hot water.


If the drink doesn’t appeal, try adding vinegar to crushed apple – one apple to one tablespoonful of vinegar – and use the mixture as a topping for fish dishes or as a dressing for salad.


Beer and Vinegar – a Marriage Made in Heaven


In Wellington, New Zealand, there’s an eating place called ‘Fork and Brewer’ where head chef Anton Legg puts as much time and effort into selecting beer to accompany a dish as to making the dish itself.  Legg also makes and uses a beer-based vinegar as a coating for chicken dishes.  (Source: New Zealand Herald – www.nzherald.co.nz)


Vinegar - Surrounded in Mystery and Myth


Vinegar: it flavours food, can help you lose weight, it can clean kitchen surfaces brighter than bright, in fact vinegar has many many uses which few people realise.


Vinegar has been used for many different purposes over its long and fascinating history, many of those uses are still common today while others have been dismissed as unsuitable or no longer relevant or health-giving for people or animals.


For example, vinegar was used by soldiers and mariners to stop food rotting on long journeys and to kill maggots and add flavour to meat that had already decomposed. 


Today we have found many more practical ways to prevent food from rotting and in most modern countries decomposed food would never be considered suitable food for people or animals regardless of what treatment claims to render it safe for consumption.


Since those days when rotting food was part of many an unfortunate's diet, vinegar has developed hundreds of alternative uses, many every bit as good as proprietary health, beauty and household products, meaning you also get to save money by keeping a few spare bottles of vinegar handy.This site focuses on many very different ways to use vinegar in the home, at your place of work or business, to keep your family healthy, to keep clothes fresh and clean, to remove stains, to care for pets, and many more very different and highly unusual uses for that common ingredient called 'Vinegar'.












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